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Background checks are one of the most effective ways an employer can protect not only a business but also the other employees.

Performing a background check prior to hiring a new employee is more important now than ever. Background checks don’t just protect an employer from the possibility of theft by employees, but they’re also important to improve employee loyalty and protect other employees from safety threats in the workplace.

 Always conduct background checks prior to hiring an employee. It’s much less expensive, time-consuming and potentially dangerous to conduct a background search during the hiring process, as opposed to conducting an investigation after an employee has been hired and may have engaged in misconduct. Even with the best security system in-place, employees can find opportunities to conduct criminal activity once placed in a particular position within a company. It’s best to take preemptive action against such threats.

Choose specific background checks on the position being filled. For example, an individual who is applying for a financial position should likely submit to a credit check, whereas a potential employee that will be driving on the job should be subject to a driving record check. All employees, regardless of position, should be required to undergo a criminal background check. Background checks that can be conducted in addition to criminal and driving records include sex offender registries, employment and educational verification, and personal references.

Always alert potential employees that background checks will take place if an individual opts to apply for a position. It’s important to fully disclose what information will be obtained and how it will be used. Employers should also state from the start, beginning with employment ads, that all laws will be followed during the background checks completed.

Always ask applicants to give their written consent before conducting a background search of any kind.

An employer shouldn’t attempt to do the background research on his or her own. Background checks should always be conducted by a trained professional that specializes in this type of service.


Subject related (Criminal and Civil):

Identity Thefts:

Comprehensive background checks are used when more information is needed to locate a subject that is attempting “to run below the radar”. The information available to us is a “restricted use by verified certified investigators” resource, and is available to retrieve the most current comprehensive information available to non-government law enforcement officials. This allows us to track a subject to unknown residences, associates, assets, friends, and family. Once these tools are used it usually requires some investigation to take the “raw” information and develop it into reliable usable information, culling out the chafe.


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